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sup gaize! this is the icon journal of elwhyenen [previously moved from graphfix_this] bringing you icons, colored manga scans, art things, banners/headers, fillin ur requests, and uhh-LOTS OF OTHER THINGS. or really, whatever else i can think of. take lead from our favorite gun-slinging duo up there and let's be friends, i promise i'm a good person. really. (just ignore the decapitated babies. :>)

dem rulez
feel free to friend this journal, watch it, keep it in your bookmarks, tell everyone in your whole damn neighborhood about it by streaking across your streets naked in nothing but your socks while singing a song! whatever you do, i don't mind. the only rule i enforce here with my iron fist and army of robotic children is credit if you're using! i won't slap you if you don't but...it does make me feel all tingly and warm inside. and don't you want me to feel all tingly and warm inside?! i do. 8(..

i got me sum fandoms
you'll probably find lots of things related to DOGS: Bullets & Carnage cause i'm such a fucking fag for that series. :> but--uhh, it's always up to change considering my tastes are far and wide in between! i dabble in all sorts of animanga (bleach, blade of the immortal, sayonara zetsubou sensei), whatever kickass movie i just caught in theateres (wall-e, pineapple express, dark knight) and uhh--EVEN SOME JDRAMA. or just pretty actresses/actors i'm really gaga over. it's all relative!

layout: every day & every night @ resplandor
userinfo: rangan_ryu @ sakusei

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